New video by LemON

30 May 2014  

New video by LemON

Watch “AKE”

New EP by PiMO available

Take a chance and serve him well
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Faceweek (21.05 - 29.05) Faceweek

Faceweek (21.05 - 29.05)

O.S.T.R., Iza Lach, Artur Rojek, Cała Góra Barwinków, Ola Bieńkowska, John Porter ...
  • No Bad Days   No Bad Days


    No Bad Days

    The Dumplings The Dumplings there are two sunny sides...

    Who are they? The Dumplings started out in 2011 when Justyna Święc (voice, 17 years old) and Kuba Karaś (composer, 18 years old) met. She asked him ...
  • Words & Lies   Words & Lies


    Words & Lies

    Natalie Loves You

    ...real sincerity, and a sense of life...

    Who are they? Natalie Loves You was founded in late 2011. It was Natalia who came to conclusion that her dream about becoming a teacher in a middle ...
  • Wounds and Bruises   Wounds and Bruises


    Wounds and Bruises


    New beggining?

    Who is she? Described as an outstanding composer and performer, with bags of talent, Kari is a singer-songwriter and music producer, currently base ...
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